08 April 2011


Tanmaya Bingham, 'Face-Hands 2' 2010, colour pencil and mixed media on board, 21 x 29.5cm

My artworks investigate the mechanics of human dynamics and the neurological processes that create patterns in our daily lives of which we are often not aware.

I observe my own psychological, sociological and genealogical patterns, as well as those of my immediate circle of friends and family. Although the content of my work is highly personal, the themes are universal. Each artwork, or series of artworks, explores these patterns demonstrating how they can be altered to create new sequences and thus new results.

I believe that we learn through example, through the stories of others, which is why I choose myself and my family and friends as my primary subjects. Therefore, each artwork, whether painting, sculpture, drawing or installation, is laden with personal symbolism.

When delivered in a visual form these concepts become a metaphoric map that seeks to be meaningful for both the subject and the viewer.

Tanmaya Bingham, 2010

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