11 June 2011


Melissa and Vanessa, the masterminds behind Parliament of Two**, may not be on the way to world domination as their name alludes, but the Gallery is delighted to present their jewellery range ‘Open Book.’ This collection is inspired by old book illustrations and uses old typography techniques to create works of curiosity, nostalgia and humour.

Left: Parliament of Two**, 'the man: training wheels' 2011, plastic, 750mm metal chain and findings, $40
Centre: Parliament of Two**, 'the heart: be still my...' 2011, plastic, metal brooch backs, $35
Right: Parliament of Two**, 'the snail: pass the salt' 2011, plastic, metal brooch backs, $35

The three sections of the range include Zoological Science, Technology and Medical Series, which are all black and white images available in brooches and necklaces that feature quirky designs with just as quirky titles. “the snail: pass the salt,” “the man: training wheels” and “the heart: be still my...” are just three imaginative, charming and clever examples that prove why a parliament of two is better than a parliament of one!

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