30 June 2011


Desire. Longing. Craving. Lasciviousness.

Lust for flesh. Lust for power. Lust for money. Lust for life. Lust for food. Lust for freedom. Lust for art.

Lust is that powerful emotion hidden deep within your heart. It can propel you in many directions positive or negative. Are you willing to surrender to your cravings? Are you willing to bare your soul and achieve that secret longing?

Artists throughout the ages have embraced this emotion to produce extraordinary works. This exhibition takes raw passion into a contemporary context, highlighting our diverse lustful inclinations.

Surrender to your unbridled desires.

Artists include Crispin Akerman (courtesy of Greenhill Galleries, WA), Julie Bartholomew, Bernice Davies, Leah Emery (courtesy of Heiser Gallery, Brisbane), Todd Fuller, Dan Gladden, James Guppy, Klaus Gutowski (courtesy of Peter Walker Fine Art, Adelaide), Garth Knight (courtesy of Iain Dawson Gallery, Sydney), Daniel Linnet, Julian Meagher (courtesy of Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney), Sarah O'Sullivan, Morgan Shimeld, Jane Siddall (courtesy of Orexart, Auckland) and Terry Stringer (courtesy of Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney).

Garth Knight (Represented by Iain Dawson Gallery, Sydney), 'Change, Metamorphosis, Transformation IX (Anne)'
2006, digital type c print - edition of 10, unframed, 100 x 125cm

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