05 July 2011


Iggy & Lou Lou’s handcrafted jewellery collections incorporate images that range from delicate and feminine to humorous and bizarre. Both the series’ ‘Ships In The Night’ and ‘Love Bandits’ feature bluebirds that hark back to the traditional bluebird jewellery many people receive as children, but do so with a modern twist via the medium. These nostalgic pieces come in a few different variations on a theme, all equally as charming.

Accompanying the bluebirds in ‘Ships In The Night’ and ‘Love Bandits’ are bold coloured anchors, a cat with a heart-shaped patch and a gun shooting love. Other collections are similar in style, but explore themes of romance, masquerade, adventure, nature and the prehistoric.

As described by Iggy & Lou Lou, their process of creation is “drawing on the history of porcelain (as) each piece is fired up to four separate times.” The porcelain pendants that feature the sweet and quirky motifs are hung on delicate sterling silver chains, some accompanied with sterling silver ornaments.

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