30 July 2011


Pushmataaha’s new edgy Andera Range is now available in the Gallery alongside their other big, bold and beautifully handcrafted jewellery. A dominant feature of this unisex collection are the chunky skulls that are either hung from matt onyx beads, are the stone to fiercely impressive rings or are upon crystal beads with fluorescent cord, adding some punchy colour. These ‘Skully Wag’ necklaces and ‘Skull Monarch’ rings are accompanied by the striking motifs on the ‘HiHo’ and ‘Leepar’ beads. The Andera Range is a dynamic accent to their existing collections that contain an abundance of semi-precious stones in gorgeous settings, uniquely elegant earrings and showy beaded neckpieces.

Some highly unique pieces include Pushmataaha’s take on a classic drop, the ‘Masai’ earrings, and the individually hand carved ‘Bellis’ earrings. The ‘Bellis’ earrings are innovative in their design as the studs and cups are interchangeable, meaning they not only complement but also incorporate anyone’s current jewellery collection. A Gallery favourite are the ‘Monarch’ rings that are in Pushmataaha’s Core Collection. These sterling silver and gold plate embellished pieces accentuate their bright and brilliant stones with the lavish frames their two available settings provide.
Recently seen draped on the likes of Jessie J and Ruby Rose, Pushmataaha continue to impress with their fabulous and funky designs. Combining an amazing ability to capture the feel of various ancient traditions from Egypt, Native America, India and elsewhere, and a flare for colour and texture, Pushmataaha are sure to add a touch of exuberance to anyone’s jewellery collection.

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