05 August 2011


Brenda May Gallery is pleased to present a small theatrette installed in the corridor space used to highlight the five new hand drawn films by Todd Fuller in his current exhibition, Tense.

'An Animated Sketch' 2011
hand drawn film - 2:07 minutes
edition of 10

'Barry in the Wings' 2011
hand drawn film - 4:56 minutes
edition of 10

'Tin Man' 2011
hand drawn film - 4:37 minutes
edition of 10

'le chapeau du volante (flight)' 2010
hand drawn film - 4:03 minutes
edition of 10

'Jar of Hearts' 2011
hand drawn film - 5:13 minutes
edition of 10

The films are available to view in the theatrette during Gallery hours, Tuesday to Friday 11-6 and Saturday 10-6.

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