12 August 2011


Barbara Tollitt utilises the technique of repetition to design stunning pieces using water buffalo horn and sterling silver. Her line of simple horn necklaces in various shapes are popular pieces at the Gallery as their refined yet chunky forms are an easy statement piece with minimal weight. The horn has similar colourings to tortoise shell, making it complementary to most skin tones, but unlike tortoise shell is a bi-product of the animal. To accompany the horn necklaces are horn bangles that come in small, medium and large. Sold in sets, they look best piled up in a variation of sizes. As with each necklace, each bangle is unique, meaning there are a multitude of different effects the bangles can achieve depending on the pairing.

A variation on a theme is her combination horn and sterling silver necklace using predominately darker pieces of horn. The large outward links alternate between the silver and horn, once again creating a repetitive pattern, however the hoop-shaped silver links ascend, adding a feminine elegance. Tollitt’s horn hoops with sterling silver embellishments are similar in their interesting and attractive use of a mixture of the horn and silver.

In plain sterling silver, Tollitt has designed thick multi-bangles in the style of a Russian Wedding ring. The interwoven bangles beautifully sit within and around each other, allowing the bangle to roll onto the wrist. They make a shimmering sound as they continue to move up and down the arm. There are also rings following the same principle in this range.

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