30 April 2011


Left: Todd Fuller, 'The Escape (Burrow, The Sequel)' 2011, mixed media collage on paper, 56 c 75.5cm
Right: Todd Fuller, 'A Found Friend (Tin Man)' 2011, mixed media collage on paper, 29.5 x 41.5cm

"Under strict self-imposed instructions, I attempt to draw every day, pushing ideas, integrating imagery and attempting to learn from the Masters that are suddenly accessible. There are days when my studio offers solace from the cultural shock of the city and I hibernate, creating a great deal more than expected. I return with several animations and a box of drawings which British Airways politely tells me is 11 kilos over my baggage allowance."

-Todd Fuller, 'Residency at La Cité International Des Arts', Nava Quarterly, March 2011, p.13.

Left: Todd Fuller, 'A Soul On The Street (Tin Man)' 2011, mixed media collage on paper, 56.5 x 75.5cm
Right: Todd Fuller, 'Lost (Tin Man)' 2011, mixed media collage on paper, 50 x 64.5cm

The drawings were completed during Fuller's residency at the Cité des Arts in Paris and composed upon a collaged background of pages from French books. The majority of works were created in conjunction with his animated films, the title in brackets referencing the specific film.

The two drawings below are from a new animated storyline by Fuller that "involves a shelf on which the man not only stores his heart but a jar of hope, box of happiness, a bottle of joy and all sorts of intangible but important 'stuff' for safe keeping. The man grows and so to does his heart, he finds a friend and realises that he needs that heart but he cannot get the jar open."

Left: Todd Fuller, 'Cross Section, Subtraction (Jar of Hearts) 2011, mixed media collage on card, 70 x 50.5cm
Right: Todd Fuller, 'Safe Keeping (Jar of Hearts)' 2011, mixed media collage on card, 70 x 50.5cm

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