03 May 2011


Jim Croke, 'Accordion Music' 2004, steel, 68 x 174 x 10cm

Jim Croke's approaches the creation of each sculpture with a "sensitivity to materials, space, weight, light, form, line, shape, volume and mass." His linear and geometric constructions are composed with a range of materials including steel, wood, iron and found objects. The pieces he finds informs his work with the process of manipulating the objects central to the finished product. Croke is considered a mark maker in both his sculptures and works on canvas.
Jim Croke, 'Iron Curtain' 2004, steel, 117 x 320 x 4cm

The 2004 sculpture, 'Iron Curtain', illustrates Croke's concept of zen work. For the curtain, he meticulously straightened long strips of curled and coiled iron by hand. The discarded objects were reworked by Croke in the most difficult and labour intensive process possible. By straightening the coils, he makes each strip - an off-cut of industralised production - a unique entity as they each bear their straightening marks in a slightly different way.

Left: Jim Croke, 'All Tip' 2008, steel, 16 x 19 x 6cm
Right: Jim Croke, 'Vent' 2010, iron, steel, 27 x 15 x 5cm

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